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  • CJ plant



We have a full range of high performance textiles available for selection and from these we can choose the best or most economical construction for the finish expansion joint required.

These materials include:

  • High Strength Fabric (including fabric woven with chrome steel or nickel alloy wire reinforcements)
  • Insulation Felts
  • Metal Foils
  • Cast/Sintered PTFE reinforced Fabrics
  • Elastomer and Fluoro-Elastomer Films
  • Elastomer and Fluoro-Elastomer Coated Fabrics
  • Fine Chrome Steel or Nickel Alloy Wire Cloths

Operating conditions can be accommodated by the right design choice. Ranging internally from -60°C to 1200°C, from ambient air to highly corrosive gases. We can supply suitable expansion joints from simple single ply flexibles to the multi-layered construction expertly tailored to fit virtually any application. And with an additional insulation bolster we can further enhance it's service life expectancy.